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Music is an art form that expresses ideas and emotions through sound, rhythm, melody or harmony. Music is a form of language which evokes movement and emotion.  Music engages the brain while stimulating neural pathways associated with higher forms of intelligence, memory and an improved mental health.

At Whybridge Junior School, we believe that music is a powerful and unique form of communication. Every pupil has the entitlement to a stimulating, fulfilling, informative and instructive musical curriculum. Music is a vehicle for expression and can provide support in children’s development. Furthermore, music allows us to celebrate the culture and society we live in and support tolerance of others’ opinions and beliefs.

Through our curriculum we want to provide children with opportunities to create, play, perform and enjoy music while developing the skills to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms and begin to judge the quality of music. We encourage children to participate in a wide variety of musical experiences to build up the confidence of all children. We firmly believe in the importance of singing in music lessons and as such it supports learning about the structure and organisation of music. It is of fundamental importance that children have the opportunity to access a range of extra-curricular music activities to support their musical development.


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