Hornchurch Academy Trust

Meet the Staff


Mr C W Hobson – CEO of Hornchurch Academy Trust

S Warshaw

Mrs S Warshow - Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead, PREVENT Lead, Online Safety, Health & Safety, Strategic Planning, Teaching and Learning, Standards and outcomes, Budget, Staff Development, DSL 

 T Green

Mrs T Green – Deputy Head of School, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assessment Lead, KS2 Standards, Pupil Premium Lead, OPAL Lead, Teaching and Learning

Safeguarding Team

  • Mrs S Warshow - Designated Safeguarding Lead and PREVENT Lead
  • Mrs T Green (Deputy DSL)
  • Mrs D Field (2nd Deputy DSL)
  • Ms G Thumpston (Safeguarding Trustee)

Teaching Staff at Whybridge Junior School

  • Mrs T Green - Deputy Headteacher, Y6 Magnolia Class teacher
  • Mrs D Field - Assistant Headteacher, Y6 Magnolia Class teacher
  • Ms F Begum - Y6 Student Teacher
  • Mr R Johnson - Upper School Phase Leader, Y6 Ash class teacher
  • Miss A Thompson - Y6 Chestnut class teacher (Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs L Hawkins - Y6 Chestnut class teacher
  • Miss L Weller - Y5 Leader, Y5 Redwood class teacher
  • Mr J Lancaster - Y5 Willow class teacher
  • Miss K Window - Y5 Cedar class teacher
  • Miss A Jefferson - Lower School Phase Leader, Y4 Oak class teacher
  • Miss H Wilson - Y4 Cherry class teacher
  • Ms R Murphy - Y4 Birch class teacher
  • Miss G Carvosso - Y3 Leader, Y3 Sycamore class teacher
  • Miss N Bibi - Y3 Juniper class teacher
  • Miss A Court - Y3 Maple class teacher
  • Mrs A Gillham (Trust SENCo)

Teaching Assistants at Whybridge Junior School

  • Mrs K Smallwood - HLTA
  • Mrs A Pocock - HLTA
  • Mrs I Toncheva - HLTA 
  • Mrs C Penton
  • Mr S Ball 
  • Mrs A Rushworth
  • Miss L Sutton
  • Miss M O'Neill
  • Mrs C Haymes
  • Mrs L Draper
  • Miss M Rogers
  • Mrs M Subramaniam
  • Mrs J Woolf

Pastoral Team at Whybridge Junior School

  • Mrs A Gilham - Trust SENCo
  • Mrs A Wallin - Trust Family Support Worker
  • Ms M Savva (Local Family Support Worker & ELSA Support)
  • Miss M O'Neill (ELSA Support)

Office Staff at Whybridge Junior School

  • Mrs J Sladden – Hornchurch Academy Trust Chief Financial Officer
  • Mrs V Wilson - Finance Officer
  • Miss L Pearce – Attendance & Admissions, Senior Admin Assistant
  • Mrs K Frewin - Admin Assistant, Senior First Aider, Health Care Plans
  • Mrs J Wright - Admin Assistant, Website, DBS

Premises Management Staff at Whybridge Junior School

  • Mr N Lupton – Site Manager
  • Cleaning Team - May Harris

ICT Support

  • Mr I Slone – ICT technician
  • Mr G Bedding – ICT technician

Midday Assistants at Whybridge Junior School

  • Mrs K Frewin – Midday Supervisor
  • Mrs D Speirs – Midday Assistant
  • Mrs L Draper – Midday Assistant
  • Mrs C Penton - Midday Assistant
  • Mrs A Crump - Midday Assistant
  • Miss H Savage - Midday Assistant
  • Mr G Poole - Midday Assistant
  • Ms E Seager - Midday Assistant
  • Miss K Scopes - Midday Assistant

Local Standards Group (Governance)

  • Mr C W Hobson
  • Mrs S Warshow

  • Mrs T Green

  • Mrs C Penton

  • Mrs A Weatherley - Chair

  • Mr G Poole

  • Mrs A Edgecombe