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Children's phonic and spelling knowledge is assessed on entry in to Whybridge Junior School, taking into account the statutory national curriculum assessment for Phonics. Although daily direct phonics sessions are not usually taught, this might be required for individuals or groups of children at some stage during their time at Whybridge. Otherwise, phonics is built into daily literacy lessons and spellings. Spelling patterns and families are used in order to encourage correct spelling. Good phonetic skills help children to segment and blend words when spelling, and to help when reading more complex words. Children who enter KS2 and have not met the required phonic standard will receive extra support to ensure they make rapid progress and catch up. 

We use the Letters and Sounds to teach phonics.


Phonics Phase 2 Pronunciation

Phonics Phase 3 Pronunciation 

Phonics Phase 5 Pronunciation (Alternative spellings) 



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