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Our school motto is ‘Learn, Create, Achieve’, which reflects our aim to produce children who are able to reach their full potential. We also aim to produce young people who are confident, knowledgeable and versatile and have the skills to move onto the next stage of their lives with confidence to become effective responsible citizens.

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Mr C W Hobson - Headteacher

 Rev Keith Turner              

   Mr C W Hobson      

     Mrs C Uys             
Mrs H Graham        Mrs C Warren Miss H Thomas
 Chair of Governors


 Child Protection  Officer

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Child Protection Officer

Assistant Headteacher
Inclusions Manager/SEND
Upper School Phase Leader Lower School Phase Leader



 The School is OPEN



Most of the information that you may be looking for is our school brochure, which you can download here

We regularly produce a newsletter for parents that contains the latest news about the school, events and important calendar dates. You can find the latest issue here

Term dates for 2014/15 are here. Please be aware that they do not include school closure days set by the school.


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Staff at Whybridge Junior School.

Mr C W Hobson - Headteacher, Child Protection Officer, Health and Safety, Standards, Curriculum, Budget, Staff Development
Mrs C Uys - Deputy Headteacher, Behaviour, Assessment, Deputy Child Protection Officer, External Students, Timetables
Mrs H Graham  - Assistant Headteacher - Inclusions Manager/SENCO
Mrs C Warren - Senior Leadership
Miss H Thomas - Senior Leadership
Miss B Slaughter
Mr P Greer
Mrs K Shrubb
Miss J Yilmaz
Miss A Fairbank
Mrs V Willliams
Mrs J Ghuman
Mrs C Hoddy
Miss J McLoughlin
Miss J Powers



whybridgejunior Just tweeted England's greatest ever batsman to see if he'll come to school for a cricket session @KP24 #fingerscrossed
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